Waterfall Ristafallet

Ristafallet’s waterfall in the western part of Jämtland is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sweden. You can see the waterfall from the campsite. The water falls 50 meters wide and 14 meters deep down along some rocks.

Depending on the season the amount of water that falls is from 100 to 400 m³ per second. The waterfall provides a moisture damp that gives the woods a unique microclimatic there some rare lichens and mosses thrives very well. A wooded island splits up the river and divides the waterfall in two parts, both from the north and south side you can only see one side.

In the winter when the river is frozen you can go to the island where there is a stone-cave. The cave is about 14 meter long and has two entrances. Guided tours over the frozen waterfall and to the ice-caves can be booked at Ristafallet’s reception. This tour can be done by children from 4 years and will take 1,5 to 2 ours.

Ristafallet’s waterfall is known from the movie Ronja the robber’s daughter. A movie made after the book by Astrid Lindgren which had its premiere in 1982. In the movie Ristafallet is called Glupafallet. Ronja sits on one of the big rock in the middle of the waterfall when screaming her ‘spring yell’. A rather funny detail is that the ride on the water towards the waterfall is filmed down streams from the falls. When following the hiking trail through the forest you find a sign showing where Ronja and Birk had their ride on the white water.

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